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Box Collection - 8 Mode Digital Pulse - Silver www.pchlife.com

For those that have being away of softball tours and had the benefit of this portable massager they will attest to the fantastic benefits that have allow an individual faster recovery from muscle pains and strains. These work the treat at the this price they are exceptional value

  • Relax muscles and relieve the muscular spasm
  • Relive Pain
  • Loose adhesion and smooth joints
  • Accelerate microcirculation and promote the absorption of inflammatory substances
Box includes:
  • Digital pulse with two inputs and 8 settings and 2 output channels for separate pulses  
  • Four adhensive pulse pads
  • Two electronic wire to connect the digital pulse machine to the adhensive pads
  • One USB core for recharging of internal lithium battery
  • One NZ power connection/plug for USB input for recharging 
The PCH Silver Digital Pulse Massager is a dual-channel battery operated muscle stimulation system that helps to relieve minor muscle aches and pains. This pocket sized pain fighter features multiple settings and modes, a compact design, rechargeable internal lithium battery and 2 output channels.  The eight different massage modes and one soothing haiku mode stimulate tense and sore muscles by sending pulses through the included electrode wires and adhesive pads.