Diamond 90cm DCM-F335 Fastpitch Softball Catcher's Mitt

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  • $199

Select premium tanned cowhide leather       

  • Double post H-web with split-back adjustable hand closure
  • 33.5" circumference
  • Adjustable Closure

  • Defined Palm Pad

  • H-Web

  • Felt Pocket Padding

  • Game-Ready Leather

  • Split Back Design

  • Vintage Style Leather

Diamond Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt F335. This agile glove is great for competitive softball players or just backyard fun. Carefully constructed, super-soft game-ready Vintage Style leather steer hide provides for longevity and easy break-in. The DCM F335 is bound with durable leather lacing ensuring the toughness of this mitt. The felt pocket padding with a cushioned palm pad allows for you to catch all of those fastballs without worrying about bruising your hand. The flat two-piece web provides for easy transfer so you can throw out potential base stealers. The DCM F335 is offered in a split back design with conventional leather lacing. This makes for the most comfortable fit and is easily adjustable. This is a great mitt for the field or the backyard! Experience the Diamond difference!